Boost Mentoring

Sometimes you need to clear out the Sh*t and just start making money! However, to do this all alone can be daunting. With the Turbo Boost Navigation program you will receive regular one on one mentoring to ensure your goals are clear and you know EXACTLY HOW to achieve them.

By taking ACTION you can ACHIEVE, but its quicker and faster when you have ACCOUNTABILITY.

The regular mentoring program will:

  • Help you get CLARITY on our passion and goals
  • Show you the PATHWAYS to reach your biggest audacious goals of your dreams
  • Help you SET and TAKE the RIGHT actions
  • Be held ACCOUNTABLE for your RESULTS
  • Show you how to implement SYSTEMS and PROCESSES to streamline your business
  • Show you how to GROW PROFITABLY and manage your business
  • UNDERSTAND your figures and how to INFLUENCE them
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The Property Market’s “Leaner, Smarter” Focus is Regularly Refreshed with Business Turbo Booster

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The Property Market is assiduously on track with Business Turbo Booster and regular monthly meetings to ensure a clear focus on business growth. It’s a process that’s closely aligned with their own “Leaner, Smarter” promise to clients and one that’s delivering definitive results.

Antonia Baker, Director of ‘The Property Market’ first heard about Sarah Lochead-MacMillan through her business networks.

As Baker laughingly puts it “her reputation preceded her… In fact there were several people who recommended her so when the need arose she was my first port of call”.

Baker is straight to the point; “I wanted accountability. Accountability to my dreams and goals. Like any small business I realised that the only way to grow a big business was one step at a time. What Sarah gives me that accountability for those small steps without any relaxation of the rules.”

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“There are so many things to find excuses for but our monthly meetings hold me to account. I was chatting with another client of Sarah’s recently and we agreed; we leave each meeting with a clear action plan, fired up and raring to go but before we realise another three weeks have gone by… just the threat of the meeting is enough to get it done.”

She continues, “There’s no-one else here so it’s up to me. Meeting with Sarah is like reporting in, and I get that ‘good girl’ feeling when I’m on top of things”.

Baker says working with Business Turbo Booster hasn’t been entirely as expected. “It’s more collaborative, I thought it would be like having a drill sergeant but it’s entirely more supportive, collaborative, flexible, reasonable and pragmatic than that.”

‘The Property Market’ is a growing business through interesting times in real estate. Baker is committed to delivering results that leave more money your back pocket, in less time, with less stress. It’s a promise they deliver on, achieving measurable success. Currently they sell a home in an average of 33 days, for up to 86% above CV.

“People think selling houses is easy – you just pop out an open home sign and seal the deal. In fact it’s a very litigious industry and you need a lot of technical knowledge. Sarah gets it. She gets the trading environment, she gets the industry. Sarah understands how quickly things could get in a mess and she respects that.”

As for outcomes, Baker says, “When we sat down to put together the 12 month plan it made me realise how in tune with my business I’ve become. It literally took us 25 minutes to come up actions for the whole year. My thinking is now totally structured in line with the business and that’s because of our regular monthly meetings”.

Baker muses for a second, “You know, now I think of it. That’s what prompted the original call to Sarah. In hindsight I was a little burned out. The business is sound, there’s good logic around it and it works well but it is also all consuming and can be overwhelming at times. I think I’d lost some passion for it… Sarah gave me my passion back inside that first month”.

“Thanks to Sarah, I have more momentum and more awareness than I ever anticipated. I’m on track with my goals and I’m focused on achieving growth.”

Another unexpected bonus; “Sarah gives me confidence. There was a day where I was fretting about a decision and she suggested we toss a coin on it. We did and she took one look at my face and saw my disappointment. She asked if I wanted to toss the coin again… and I did. And she said “well there’s your answer”. We laughed but she was right, and it was the right decision”.

It’s for Baker to have the last word; “Sarah’s more than paid for herself, of course she has. In many ways she’s like us – more results, less stress. Best of all she gets me. Maybe it’s her banking background, maybe it’s Sarah… but her grasp on business is impressive and I can genuinely recommend her to business people who have big goals to achieve.”

  • Helen hired Sarah as a Business Coach
    Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
    Sarah has a unique nack of being able to read her clients extremely well and accurately. She alway comes up with interesting ways to solve issues and keeps me motivated and on track. She is alway available know matter what arises and she is a huge support to me.

    Picturebook Interiors, Helen Shaw CEO

  • I have just completed The 8 Week Getting In Gear Course. After being in business for 12 years, it was a fantastic tool to establish the strengths and weaknesses within my business and highlighted areas that need attention. I have set some very solid goals to work on over the next few years to build the business into a valuable asset which I plan on selling in the next 6 to 8 years. The course was easy to understand, flowed well and took in both my business and personal life. Most importantly, it was fun and I looked forward to working on the tasks each week and the follow up accountability call. The feedback that Sarah provided has been invaluable especially tips for helping create marketing collateral. I highly recommend this course no matter what stage you are at in business.

    Linda Melhuish