Getting in Gear

You are ready to move but unsure of your first step and you have limited time to get the cash rolling in. This simple 8 week program is for you! It will give you that acceleration you need..

Ready to launch your business into the stratosphere? Whether this is your first business or you simply need to get unstuck in your existing business, over the next 8 weeks you are going to get inspired, clear any overwhelm, set goals and know EXACTLY how to reach them.


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Below is a summary of this program...
Full of valuable information that'll get you to where you want to be!

Week 1

  • Make your Passion into money
  • Know your ideal client and find them
  • Maintain confidence
  • Manage overwhelm
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Week 2

  • Get motivation and sustain it
  • Set your BIG goals
  • Define your WHY
  • Get the stepping stones ready

Week 3

  • Time management – emails overload
  • Schedule for your LIFE
  • Create Capacity to do more
  • Measure success
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Week 4

The exclusive PlanDo © system delivered to your door and explained in easy to follow videos. The easiest most interactive business plan you’ve ever had.

Week 5

  • Get a handle on your market
  • Define and understand your client
  • Fill the funnel with great content and collateral
  • Create the sales process
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Week 6

  • How to price to get great clients and make money
  • How to offer value that your clients will pay more for
  • How to understand your competitors
  • Attract your ideal client through price

Week 7

  • Understand why knowing the numbers is paramount
  • Understand your profit and loss and what it means
  • Understand your cash flow and how to affect it
  • Understand how to get cash in faster
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image of services

Week 8

  • Make your vision a reality
  • We set stretch targets that you WANT to achieve
  • We get you ready for FAST TURBO growth
  • We give you the checklist to ensure you are on track.
  • I have just completed The 8 Week Getting In Gear Course. After being in business for 12 years, it was a fantastic tool to establish the strengths and weaknesses within my business and highlighted areas that need attention. I have set some very solid goals to work on over the next few years to build the business into a valuable asset which I plan on selling in the next 6 to 8 years. The course was easy to understand, flowed well and took in both my business and personal life. Most importantly, it was fun and I looked forward to working on the tasks each week and the follow up accountability call. The feedback that Sarah provided has been invaluable especially tips for helping create marketing collateral. I highly recommend this course no matter what stage you are at in business.

    Linda Melhuish

  • Helen hired Sarah as a Business Coach
    Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
    Sarah has a unique nack of being able to read her clients extremely well and accurately. She alway comes up with interesting ways to solve issues and keeps me motivated and on track. She is alway available know matter what arises and she is a huge support to me.

    Picturebook Interiors, Helen Shaw CEO

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